Getting started with a

Basic Training on Mindfulness

We provide 1-2 days workshops that provide you with a comprehensive framework for mindfulness based training in leadership, emotional intelligence, personal life, or in education. Such training is focused on activities and meditation techniques that enable you to be more resilient, energized, and have greater focus to maintain a balance between your work or studies and home.

This training will include –

  • Understanding the five basic principles that are the pillars for mindfulness
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and its relevance according to your work or studies
  • Applying mindfulness based on Emotional Intelligence in your life
  • The science and the role of mindfulness to get productive in life
  • Learn and develop your own meditation practice

Interested in a 1-2 Day Training?

If you feel you are ready to dive deeper and learn more about mindfulness, feel free to contact us.