Cookie Thief

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A woman was waiting at the airport one night,
With several long hours before her flight.
She hunted for a book in the airport shop,
Bought a bag of cookies and found a place to drop.

She was engrossed in her book, but happened to see,
That the man beside her, as bold as could be,
Grabbed a cookie or two from the bag between,
Which she tried to ignore to avoid a scene

She read, munched cookies, and watched the clock,
As the gustly “cookie thief” diminished her stock
She was getting more irritated as the minutes ticked by,
Thinking, “If I wasn’t so nice, I’d blacken his eye!”

With each cookie she took, he took one too.
When only one was left, she wondered what he’d do.
with a smile on his face and a nervous laugh,
He took the last cookie and broke it in half.

He offered her half, and he ate the other.
She snatched it from him and thought, “Oh brother,
This guy has some nerve, and he’s also so rude,
Why, he didn’t even show any gratitude!”

She had never known when she had been so galled,
And sighed with relief when her flight was called.
She gathered her belongings and headed for the gate,
Refusing to look at the “thieving ingrate”.

She boarded the plane and sank in her seat,
Then sought her book, which was almost complete.
As she reached in her baggage, she gasped with surprise.
There were her bag of cookies in front of her eyes!

“If mine are here,” she moaned with despair.
“Then the others were his and he tried to share!”
Too late to apologize, she realized with grief,
That she was the rude one, the ingrate, the thief!!!!

By: Valerie Cox

The key to mindfulness is that we see and observe things without any judgement and with compassion.  We can never know other person’s full story until we see things from other’s prospective. Everything is perception, and when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Moral of the story – 

The Story of the Cookie Thief  is an inspiration story, offered as an insightful poem that offers a brilliant life lesson to you on why we should not make assumptions too quickly. Everything is projection, and when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Don’t jump to conclusions about what you believe is impossible for you don’t be a cookie thief.

So, learning to be open minded, letting go of our harsh judgmental natures, will help us transform our lives and connect better with other people. So many of us have good intentions to spread love and peace in the world, yet we get bamboozled by automatic thinking time and again.

How often have you be absolutely convinced of something, only to find out later that you were mistaken?

Please let me know what you think about the poem and video story. Have you ever had something like this happen?

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