Become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher

‘Mindfulness 1.0 – an introduction’ is the flagship Mindfulness Foundation Teacher Training course offered by Mindful Science Centre in partnership with world famous Australia’s Awakened Mind to provide a broad overview of fundamental concepts, principles, practices of mindfulness with interactive exercises through systematic development of mindfulness skills, enabling you to teach mindfulness program with confidence and clarity.

Learning Outcome

Understand and practice Mindfulness as a way of life and including in professional area of work

Demonstrate competence to deliver “Mindfulness Matters – an introduction” – a one day mindfulness course

Create positive group learning environment, manage challenge, hold space and answer questions during course delivery

Develop positive relational skills when teaching and with other participants

Showcase balance of theoretical knowledge through self-inquiry and practice, experiential learning, relevant qualities of a teacher with the right attitude of mindfulness for teaching

Receive a Certificate of Completion from
Mindful Science Centre and Awakened Mind

The Awakened Mind App

  • As part of this program you'll get one year access to The Awakened Mind App.
  • All the self-development tools you need to change a workplace within one mindfulness app.
  • What you get?
    Access to everything you need to take active and concrete steps to start and develop mindfulness practices:

Heart Practices



Health & Wellbeing

Advanced Practices

Course Description

The course zeroes in on the practice of mindfulness, the moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations that comes without judging those thoughts and feelings as good or bad.The Mindfulness Foundation Teacher Training curriculum includes understanding the transformational principles underlying Mindfulness, evidence based practices, developing teaching skills, and receiving guidance on how to establish classes and workshops.


  • Understand the pillars of Mindfulness and its origin in modern context.
  • Establish familiarity with evidence and research backed Mindfulness Content.


  • Experiential practices that help in making Mindfulness a way of life.
  • Using tools to further your own practice constantly and learn through application.


  • Excelling in understanding of the concept and its benefits.
  • Interpretation of learnings in own language for further discussion and dissemination.


  • Model and customise teaching skills filled with insight and experience.
  • Deliver integrated curriculum for your workshops and seminars in your own unique way.

Course Curriculum

Week 1


Week 2

Basics of Mindfulness

Week 3

Building Awareness

Week 4

Finding Balance

Week 5

Work and Life

Week 6


Week 7

Live Training

Week 8


Week 9


Week 10


Week 11


Week 12


Who should join?

This course is open to Mindfulness and Meditation practitioners, consultants, teachers and facilitators who are passionate and committed about teaching science-based approach to practicing mindfulness and developing emotional intelligence.Anyone with deep interest in practice of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, personal and leadership development, healthcare worker or educator wants to train or teach in their workplace or organisation is welcome to join the course.

Hear What They Say

The concept of mindfulness and it's link on the evolving cycle of self awareness self management and social awareness and relationship management helped me in life.
K. Supramaniam
Mr. Manish you have taken us through the session very well. Thank you Sir. Liked the workshop because i felt very connected to Mr. Manish.
Hemang Pathak
Manager (West & South)
It helped me deep dive inside myself and be self-aware. Also learned how to channelize my emotions and handle them in a better way.
Sandeep Mendiratta
Shreenivasan Rao
IPG Mediabrands
The workshop focused on the desired behaviors with practical examples and expert comments from leaders in the field of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.
Shreenivasan Rao

Know about your trainer

The course instructors are Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence world expert faculty from Mindful Science Centre, Manish Behl and Awakened Mind, Michael Bunting. In this course,they share evidence backed practices and scientific insights for needs of daily life and modern workplace to foster mindfulness actions

resilience, well-being and related skills of stress reduction. Explore one’s own attitudes, mental habits and behaviors in this first course of Teacher Training Pathway.

Ready to begin your journey into Mindfulness?

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Most frequent questions and answers

If you are interested in Mindfulness and want to learn and share the benefits of mindfulness practice with others so they benefit too, please join our Mindfulness Teacher Training pathway and share the benefits of Mindfulness with others. Get transformed personally to manage stress, improve performance, increase well-being and a better life. By training to teach over 12 weeks, you will be able to deliver our globally patented one day programme ‘Mindfulness Matters -an introduction’ and help others live mindfully, achieve their full potential and really flourish in their lives. Undergoing teacher training course and sharing benefits of mindfulness with others helps our own practice, our understanding of mindfulness grows and reap benefits.

An integrated program based on neuroscience, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and mindfulness.An in-depth contentand facilitation framework along with workbooks and reading materials

  • A dedicated app to further develop your own embodiment of mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • An ongoing community and cohort of practice and learnings


This Foundational Training is intended for those who wish to teach One day program or elements from it. It is an opportunity for those who would like to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion in their ongoing professional activities and individuals who have a professional interest in the field.

  1. A minimum of 1 year of regular mindfulness meditation practice.
  2. Attended any MBSR or MBCT programme in the past.
  3. A written summary of the reason for doing the course.

Phase 1: Coursework

To pass the modules, pls complete

  • At least 80% attendance for each of the modules on the portal and app.
  • Score at least 80% grade for multiple choice assessments.
  • Complete meditation practices for the modules.
  • Complete additional reading and study assignments satisfactorily.

Stage 2: Practicum & Supervision

For the final part of the course

  • At least 80% attendance for this module.

Send a video conducting the course

You will receive a confirmation of your registration. We will connect with you in case of further questions.
Offered by the training institute: Facilitator guide, Slide deck, workbook, bonus readings and materials

Certified teachers from Mindfulness Foundation Teacher Training Program may teach to companies, organizations and nonprofits. Participation in Teacher Training, however, does not guarantee certification. Please see the FAQ for more information on the certification process.
VERY IMPORTANT – MSC is not responsible for passing sales leads to MSC Certified Teachers. Teachers are required to conduct their own marketing and sales outreach.

A certification panel will guide to ensure proficiency and expertise of all prospective teachers. Direct and actionable feedback will be given to participants with a certification review at the end of the program. Once the certification review is complete and found satisfactory, certificate will be issued. Note: completion of the Teacher Training program alone does not guarantee certification.
Participants can only teach the one day program. This training does not qualify participants to teach multi-day or residential retreats, which requires further training.