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A professional career is one of the important aspects of every individual working in any organization. With greater workload, increasing competition, and a sense to get better at your job, most individuals are driven towards stress and anxiety. The deadlines are tighter, the standards are rising, and the costs are decreasing.

Such globalisation and unprecedented change further add to the challenge of individuals. The mental well-being of the staff in such conditions is extremely important to ensure that the organization positively drives towards profits.

There are hundreds of articles that are written over the past 30 years that suggest mindfulness at workplace benefits both, the individual and the organization. With improved attention, stability, control, and efficacy, employees are motivated to perform better at their job and provide services with greater empathy and compassion.

Such an approach also promotes a sense of satisfaction in their personal lives that plays an important role in how they function at work.

There have been many studies associated with mindfulness with the most popular being Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Both these researches are done by eminent scientists whose goal was to figure out how the adoption of mindfulness offers several benefits to the users.

Mindfulness at Work Can Promote Success

Promoting Mindfulness at work helps in engaging the employees and teaches them to unlock their full potential to lead a successful life at all fronts. Such training helps the employees to combat workplace stress and anxiety that can lead to rash or poor decisions that can harm your business. Popular survey by Paychex recently stated that employees feel stressed by factors both in and outside of work and struggle to balance their work and personal lives. This is the primary reason why big organizations such as Google, Adobe, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Mayo Clinic, and more provide formal mindfulness programs for their employees.

Mindfulness at work is one of the most important trends currently that many organisations are paying attention to. In wake of becoming highly focused and more effective to get better at their jobs, many HR leaders are incorporating mindfulness principles at workplace. The key benefits of incorporating mindfulness at any organization are –

  • Effective management capabilities of employees
  • Better professional relationships within the departments
  • Dynamic teams with better focus on projects
  • Mindful decision making abilities
  • Prevention of conflicts or addressing them in a healthier way
  • Overall positive work environment

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