Understanding the need for

Mindful Leadership

Mindful leadership is the art of focusing and making an inner shift to improve the personal and leadership qualities of oneself. Such mindfulness training helps in cultivating a higher level of self-awareness, wisdom, and self-mastery, so leaders can create a better self when it comes to their organisation as well as their individual life. In a way, mindful leadership is a way to improve the soft and hard skills of emotional intelligence and business acumen for productive results.

It is important to understand that mindfulness leadership is an aspect of mindfulness learning and requires a greater amount of self-awareness that positively affects every leadership ability. It also enhances the performance of the staff and people involved in the company to create a better working condition that promotes growth. The leaders who have mindfulness training are said to possess the skills to help their followers lay the foundations for their future leadership ability as well.

In short, an organisation that adopts mindfulness leadership in its core can position itself for achieving the ‘Economy of Awareness’ where every member and part of the organisation grows together like a living, breathing organism that has self-awareness, higher-values, and responsibility.

What experts think

Mindful Leadership Offers

Gallup Organisation offers analysis for mindfulness and its latest meta-analysis for mindfulness leadership training at workplace exhibited the following growth rate in employees –

  • 21% more profitable
  • 17% more productive
  • 10% better customer ratings
  • 41% less absenteeism
  • 70% fewer safety incidents
  • 33% Increase in Focus
  • 30% Increase in Resilience
  • 30% Increase in Productivity
  • 40% Increase in Critical Thinking
  • 31% Increase in Strategic Thinking
  • 31% Increase in Employee Satisfaction
  • 34% Increase in High-Pressure Performance
Mindfulness Training

The Need of the Hour

Mindfulness helps in enhancing leadership skills that are essential to the success of any organisation. Few key benefits that mindful leadership offers are –

  • A higher level of emotional intelligence skill that helps the leader in inspiring the team performance and have better empathy to understand the need of the team members to influence them effectively and drive them towards success.
  • Have a calm approach with improved self-regulation, especially during a crisis that isn’t driven or stressed due to unnecessary emotional outbursts or loss of control.
  • Achieve an improved decision-making skill that is not based on instinct or emotions. Leaders also achieve better business acumen to ensure a positive outcome and profitability for their team.
  • Become innovative and open towards newer ideas without the fear of failure. Also, leaders gain the ability to accept and be open towards their failure in a positive way.
  • Reduction in stress levels and anxiety to help perform better and come up with smarter, viable strategic plans for the betterment of the company and the team.

Looking to enhance your leadership skills?

We have specialised programmes that are designed to provide mindfulness training for current and upcoming leaders in the corporate world.