1. Making Mindful use of time

In this superfast world, leaders need to take some time to recharge and reset. Mindfulness tips for efficient management of free time.

2. Managing “busy time” with Mindfulness

Here are a few questions designed in a way to invite you to look within yourself and to consider what really matters in your life at this moment, mindfully.

3. Stargazing – A form of Mindfulness

Stargazing for Mindfulness? Never heard of it right? Read on to understand how “stargazing” is a form of Mindfulness

4. Mindfulness in trying times

Mindfulness is the skill we all need to bring in patience, staying in the moment and dealing with uncertainty during the Pandemic

5. Understanding why self-care is of utmost important

With stress, anxiety and uncertainty rising exponentially, mental health is moving in the downward spiral. Self-care is one antidote in this global crisis

6. Leadership in the Post Covid-19 world

The post Covid-19 world will give rise to newer forms of Leadership and Mentorship, there will be new Do’s and Don’t’s in this new Leadership world.

7. Mindfulness and its necessity during the pandemic

Being Mindful with self, with others around and with the world at large. This is what the world currently needs, during Coronavirus Pandemic.

8. Efficiency and Productivity through Mindfulness

Quarantine getting the better of you? Read here for instant solutions that can brighten up your #StayatHome days and increase productivity

9. Communication during challenges

Understanding the importance and role of communication as a team to overcome newer challenges during a crisis

10. Finding Opportunity in challenges

Crisis and challenges are opportunities in disguise you can use them to your advantage or let them go waste. What would you like to do with this Covid-19 opportunity?

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