1. In this superfast world, leaders need to take some time to recharge and reset. Mindfulness tips for efficient management of free time.


2. Here are a few questions designed in a way to invite you to look within yourself and to consider what really matters in your life at this moment, mindfully


3. Quarantine getting the better of you? Read here for instant solutions that can brighten up your #StayatHome days and increase productivity



Stargazing for Mindfulness? Never heard of it right? Read on to understand how “stargazing” is a form of Mindfulness





: Understanding the importance of empowering your team mindfully, especially during challenging times can help crack difficult situations with ease.



: What does your runaway mind look like? Is it the worrying mind that shows up at 3am? Or the ‘to-do’ list that never stops growing? Mindfulness practices here can help with your wandering mind.



: Crisis and challenges are opportunities in disguise you can use them to your advantage or let them go waste. What would you like to do with this Covid-19 opportunity?



: Even in these difficult times, all of us have the ability to influence. Don’t despair. Identify and draw on your bases of power.



: The Coronavirus crisis has forced a “Work from Home” culture. Here’s how happy environments create happy employees, and happy employees do good work together.



: Leadership roles are filled with opportunities and challenges and more so, when faced with a global crisis at its peak. Some tips for you to tackle them head-on.


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