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Mindful Science Centre (MSC) is a professional learning centre that believes in integration of Contemplative Mindfulness with Emotional Intelligence backed by neuroscience for personal life and workplaces to improve quality of life in all parts of society. MSC advocates application of evidence led Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence through research, publication, and training.

We promote Mindfulness through trainings and interventions, workshops and courses, lectures, keynotes, and resourceful information that are suitable for corporate, schools, colleges, and individuals. Our innovative and research-based trainings are undertaken by experts who have decades of experience behind them. We believe that every organization and individual is different. This is why we have customised programmes that are targeted towards promoting mindfulness and emotional intelligence to a particular segment.

Our Mission

Mindful Science Centre (MSC) believes in a comprehensive holistic and scientific route towards encouraging mindfulness as the key to promote a better life, reduce suffering and help realise human potential across the lifespan. Our goal is to ensure that mindfulness helps individuals in improving their performance at work and helps create better conditions for their social life by reducing mental illnesses such as anxiety and stress.

The core foundation of MSC is Kindness, Integrity, and Inclusivity with an intention to raise awareness about self-lead internal and external mindfulness.

We offer and value partnerships, collaborations and networks across the world.

Our Approach

We offer innovative solutions through collaborative approach to be true partners in your growth agenda. Customised and specific programmes are developed through intensive client engagement and our proprietary 5 Step model for participants to reflect, apply, be inspired, practice and provide feedback.

Why Choose Us


We have an ensemble of highly-qualified mindfulness and meditation practitioners from various fields with decades of experience.


We promote mindfulness with tailored workshops intended for corporate, universities, schools, and individuals.


MSC hosts multiple events and conferences on topics of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


We publish a variety of scientific-based research and provide keynotes to promote mindfulness for life and work.


We offer a customised approach for training since every individual requires a different way to  adopt mindfulness.


Our team offers the right support to individuals who require self-control, objectivity, flexibility, improve focus, and gain mental clarity.

Mindfulness Science Centre

Our Team

MSC has a global team of experts of distinguished track record of C suite leaders, physicians, psychotherapists, neuroscientists, and certified- professionals from across the world that have worked in the arena of mindfulness for over decades to bring awareness and shift both internal and external.










  • I came to this workshop the last person interested in what you had to say. I left with the most of anyone here. I cant thank you enough, and I'm so grateful I joined the group

    Client Image
    • Teacher in Houston, TX
  • Finally someone made mindfulness so simple and accessible.

    Client Image
    • Online workshop participant
  • I've done every mindfulness and kids training, this was better than any of the other curricula out there. Where can I learn more from you?

    Client Image
    • School social worker in New Jersey
  • Head and shoulders above every other presentation at what was a great conference

    Client Image
    • Participant in a Harvard Medical School Conference
  • Phenomenal content and presentation

    Client Image
    • Psychologist in Melbourne, Australia
  • Of all the mindfulness workshops and teachers I've attended, this is by far the most practical, funny, and profoundly helpful, and I've been to some of the biggest names in this work.

    Client Image
    • Therapist in Freeport, Maine
  • A Wonderful workshop on Mindfulness and emotional intelligence. I learned and understood how to maintain emotional health. Lot of good takeaways. I would like to take up a detailed course with Mr. Behl as it is very informative and helpful

    Client Image
    • Sunil Deshmukh
    • ACC Limited
  • Joined the program for self-exploration and to learn more about how to be emotionally intelligent. This workshop definitely fulfilled the purpose. I would like to thank Mr. Manish Behl for explaining it so well. I learned how to apply the heart and mind together as well as how to be effectively use emotions at workplace and in personal life. I look forward to attending more sessions.

    Client Image
    • Samvedana Agrawal
    • Head – Marketing and Training, Advanced Bolting Solutions
  • I learnt a lot and thankful for Beyondmind team for such an excellent program “Very good Content, highly interactive and very informative at par with any international standards. session” 

    Client Image
    • Aklesh R Solanki
    • Managing Director – HPS AIR Systems Pvt.Ltd.
  • Thank you for the work you are doing - the energy you are bringing into the world

    Client Image
    • Professor David Presti – University of California -Berkeley
    • Professor of Neurobiology Molecular and Cell Biology
  • This session is very useful for us to manage our emotion and to understand other emotion and it will be helpful for us in our entire life. I liked the workshop because it is a new way for us to manage our life in a better way. It will help improve my personality and also reading the emotions of others.

    Client Image
    • Shakti Singh Chouhan
    • Senior Police Officer
  • I liked the workshop because I came to know about self-awareness. How to overcome emotions and how to handle ourselves. I came to know about different emotions of me while talking with others and learned how to manage them. This session provided us mental peace and soothing atmosphere. I am very thankful to Manish sir for a wonderful experience.

    Client Image
    • Archana Sharma
    • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • It was a good experience. It is nice to get connected with myself again. Self-satisfaction and self-analysis are the 2 most important things I learned from the training.

    Client Image
    • Shrishti Bhargav
    • Senior Police Officer
  • Got a chance to think and know about myself. Got to know me very intricately. Got to know negative feelings/ habits of myself which I will work on.

    Client Image
    • Priyanka Pandey
    • Senior Police Officer
  • Got a chance for self-introspection. Most effective for us, need more sessions like these. 2 most important things learned in the workshop is the locus of control and self-management. The training helped me to understand who I am, my emotions and my feelings.

    Client Image
    • Divya Singh Rajawat
    • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Feeling more positive, looking for some more new /positive thoughts. I liked the workshop because now I will look into myself and I will try to improve some of my qualities. Learned how to focus on goals. Through the seminar, came to know that there are so many emotions.

    Client Image
    • Archana Rawat
    • Senior Police Officer
  • It was a very good class. I will interact with others more. I learned how to observe other emotions and also the need to respect others emotions. I learned that focus is very important and to keep our behaviour in control.

    Client Image
    • Pintoo Kumar Baghel
    • Deputy Superintendent of Police, Madhya Pradesh
  • I liked the workshop because I felt mental peace after a really long time. I was not aware of the reasons for my anger, but after this session, I came to know human emotions. I learned many things but 2 most important: How to control feelings related to decisions and human brain and neuroscience relations.

    Client Image
    • Nandini Sharma
    • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • The session was good. I learned a lot of things like controlling our emotions. Brain stability etc, Move forward for the next session. Good interaction. New Knowledge.

    Client Image
    • Lalit Kumar Kashyap
    • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Very nice. I loved it. Learned about the importance of emotional intelligence and how to reach the calmness of your mind. The most important experience was about decluttering the mind in which we have many thoughts that are not quite irrelevant.

    Client Image
    • Vijay Kumar Yadav
    • Senior Police Officer
  • The session was fruitful, helping with various work and complex things. Looking forward to more such thought-provoking events in the future.

    Client Image
    • Gaurav Prasad
    • MMS Maritime India
  • Very good workshop. Attending the same for the first time. Very interactive and fun. Gave an insight into my thoughts.

    Client Image
    • Shruti Garg
    • MMS Maritime India
  • Very interesting and mesmerising exercise. Will help us to see things from a different perspective which in turn make me and my team better.

    Client Image
    • Rahil Khan
    • MMS Maritime India
  • I liked it because it made me focus on activities/emotions which were more driven by the sub-conscious mind and to become more idealistic. I liked the workshop because of internal self-reflection.

    Client Image
    • Inderpal Singh Bindra
    • Asst. Manager: Turner (HBO)
  • Taught us to control our feelings before we react. Think-Process-React. It was very informative.

    Client Image
    • Pritish Dudwadkar
    • Asst. Manager: Turner (HBO)
  • I learned how to channel emotions and feelings. How to be a more functional and productive person.

    Client Image
    • Nikita Bhatia
    • Manager: Turner (HBO)
  • Great session. Especially the “social circles” part that I would take back as the highlight for me to look into. The exercises which actually makes you think and reflect upon yourself.

    Client Image
    • Aastha Bansal
    • Sr. Manager: Turner (HBO)
  • Mr. Manish you have taken us through the session very well. Thank you. Liked the workshop because I felt connected to Mr. Manish.

    Client Image
    • Hemang Pathak
    •  Manager (West & South)
  • It helped me deep dive inside myself and be self-aware. Also learned how to channelize my emotions and handle them in a better way.

    Client Image
    • Sudarshan Shettigar
    • IPG Mediabrands
  • The concept of Mindfulness and its link on the evolving cycle of Self-Awareness, Self-management, Social-awareness and relationship Management helps in a balanced life.

    Client Image
    • K. Subramaniam
    • HPCL
  • The workshop focused on the desired behaviours with practical examples and expert comments from leaders in the field of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

    Client Image
    • Sreenivasa Rao
    • HPCL
  • I feel energetic and more connected to myself. It was very interactive and fun on new discoveries about myself. I learned that every person has their own struggle in life and we need to respect their struggle. Also learned that it is difficult to conceal our emotions and we should learn to read emotions of others by non-verbal communication.

    Client Image
    • Richa Jain
    • DSP MP Police
  • The concepts learned in the workshop will help me deal with patients with empathy, compassion and patience at my workplace.

    Client Image
    • Dr. Sameer Rao
    • Abbott
  • It was a very excellent workshop and was taken up very interestingly. Knowing my brain type has amazed me. Understanding how changing a simple thought process can change your life and make you a better and successful person. It gave me an insight into myself.

    Client Image
    • Meetali Nerwikar
    • Spirit: Architecture and Interior Designs
  • Mr. Manish took me under his wings and mentored me and helped me navigate through my personal & professional lows. Mr. Manish has that uncanny knack of reaching the roots of problems and getting how and why out of you. I feel Mr. Manish is the epitome of knowledge & calm. When you meet him you will realise there is something more than EQ & IQ which is Spiritual Quotient(SQ) and he is SQ personified.

    Client Image
    • Sanket Shrikanth
    • Urban Spice
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