Coaching Program

Duration                       8 Sessions

Assessment                  Optional

Mindfulness One-to-One Coaching

Mindfulness can do wonders for you especially when it comes to individuals who are overworked and have to balance their personal and professional lives. Our One-to-One coaching can help you at an individual level to practice mindfulness in your life.

The idea of personalised training is to provide you with the necessary tools to overcome stress, anxiety, and unlock your mind’s capacity to focus and perform better.

Coaching Program

Mindfulness One-to-One Coaching and Training benefits absolutely anyone. 

Mindfulness can come across as an overwhelming term but with personal coaching, you will realise that it is a simple practice that helps you grow better. Since its all one-to-one, we consider your lifestyle, your relationships, and the nature of your work to create a custom mindfulness plan. 

At the end of the training session, you will achieve a better perspective on mindfulness and provide you with direct methods that help you achieve tremendous growth in all the aspects of your life.

 Mindful Science Centre ‘s One-to-One training and coaching that will teach you exactly how to live peacefully, enjoy your life more fully, perform better at your work, and experience more happiness and better health.


The Program Flow for One-to-One Coaching includes:

  1. Understanding the nature of your work and personal life
  2. Generating a customised plan that helps you implement mindfulness in your life
  3. You will also learn to develop better focus, mental capacity, improved memory, and more.
  4. The flow includes meditation techniques that can be later customised as per your lifestyle and requirements
  5. Learn techniques that help you calm the mind during stress, anxiety, and even anger
  6. Patients undergoing chronic pain will have a session on pain alleviation with different mindfulness techniques
  7. Achieve inner peace and generate empathy towards everyone else
  8. Deal in a better way when it comes to professional and personal lives
  9. Develop a ritual to apply mindfulness in all the facets of life

Understand why it’s so important to practice mindfulness. It not only helps you stay focused, improve your memory, but also perform better at work and have healthy relationships.

  1. Build Motivation for Practicing Mindfulness
  2. Improve Your Focus
  3. Quiet Your “Inner Critic”
  4. Experience Greater Self-Awareness
  5. Overcome Negative Thinking
  6. Relax Your Body at Will
  7. Experience Peace of Mind Throughout Your Day
  8. Overcome Negative Thinking
  9. Reduce Anxiety
  10. Alleviate Chronic Pain
  11. Consistently Create States of Deep Relaxation
  12. Avoid Excessive Worry
  13. Maintain Composure and Poise
  14. Dissolve Inauthentic Aspects of Yourself
  15. Deepen Your Spiritual Awareness
  16. Develop a Consistent Mindfulness Practice

What will I learn?

With the One-to-One Mindfulness Coaching and Training, you can learn to stabilise your mind and improve your overall mental health. During the program you will learn to –

  • Practice mindfulness for improved concentration and memory
  • Learn meditation techniques
  • Create a custom meditation technique to implement in your lifestyle
  • Improving mental health and alleviate physical pain using mindfulness
  • Change outlook towards work and personal life
  • Understand and improve the empathy to deal with others
  • Become a better person overall

Who is coaching for:

  • People who are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain
  • People at higher levels in corporates
  • Individuals looking to improve their personal and professional lives
  • People Looking to Deepen Their Current Mindfulness or Meditation Practice

Mindfulness Programs

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Why Choose Us


We have an ensemble of highly-qualified mindfulness and meditation practitioners from various fields with decades of experience.


We promote mindfulness with tailored workshops intended for corporate, universities, schools, and individuals.


MSC hosts multiple events and conferences on topics of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


We publish a variety of scientific-based research and provide keynotes to promote mindfulness for life and work.


We offer a customised approach for training since every individual requires a different way to  adopt mindfulness.


Our team offers the right support to individuals who require self-control, objectivity, flexibility, improve focus, and gain mental clarity.

Ready to begin your journey into Mindfulness?

If you and your organisation are looking to inculcate Mindfulness at your workplace, then you are at the right place. Get in touch to receive a customised consultation that fits your requirement.

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