A science-based mindfulness workshop to increase self-awareness, reduce stress & boost wellbeing.

Mindfulness Meditation workshop will teach you science based techniques that will help you easily progress and deepen your understanding of mindfulness. This workshop will introduce you to mindfulness practice with an emphasis on attention focus training.

Have you ever thought to yourself, I know I need to slow down and de-stress but I’m not sure I can meditate!”

Workshop is designed for people who goes through stressful situations on daily basis. This is a practice by which you can bring calm and inner peace into your world. We will guide you about the ways stay in the present moment and in order to avoid a perpetual damage your mental and physical health. Mindfulness builds harmony around your environment which bring a perfect balance between your mind, body and intellect.



Learn Effective Mindfulness Meditation practices to increase calm and focus


Science Based

 Increased clarity and decision making ability


In Action Mindfulness

Learn simple tools and actions you need to transform your life


Knowledge and Wisdom

Wisdom to cultivate inner peace, resilience, and real happiness.


Join us for this workshop focusing on the Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression, having a hard time focusing, or seeking mental growth this experiential workshop teaches the basics of establishing a mindfulness meditation practice that can have remarkable physical and psychological benefits.

Mindfulness and enhance your attention and awareness, improve working memory, reduce stress, and witness tangible growth at a personal as well as professional level. Begin your journey today.

Dates 27th May 2022
Duration 5pm to 7pm
Location Mindful Science Centre – Mumbai
Skill Foundation
Format In person – Group
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Learn how to practice Mindfulness in your Daily Life

Powerful Mindfulness Workshop

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional and personal life . Boost your confidence, master the field, become a Mindful leader and professional.

Powerful Mindfulness Workshop

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional and personal life . Boost your confidence, master the field, become a Mindful leader and professional.

Bring Mindfulness in your Daily Life

Learn how to find time and create a peaceful environment wherever you are to be able to meditate dedicatedly.

Start your Mindfulness Practice Today

Unlock unlimited benefits change your life for the better

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Why You should do this Mindfulness workshop

This workshop helps you to recognize the importance of your mental state in day-to-day life. It helps keep your mood stable while you become more aware of your “automatic pilot” mode.

Workshop Structure

In person workshop offers  mindfulness meditations, interactive activities, deep insight and a journey to your inner self.

Understanding Mindfulness  – Understanding this broader concept of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. 

Mindfulness Meditation –  Mindfulness meditation practice to help us create self-awareness – awareness of the mind, of the body, of our breathing, of our emotions, our surroundings and connect us to a higher self.

In Person Training – an integral part of your training, these events give you a chance to be physically present with the faculty and fellow students for further learning and connection.

Integrating Daily Mindfulness Activities: Learn new tips, tools and tricks to integrate Mindfulness in your everyday life in daily activities.

 Our program with your words


My way is absolutely clear. My outlook has changed which is the biggest change for me. I’m so happy!

  • Ahmed Jaky
  • Vice President

Amazing my physical ailments such as muscle spasm, stomach issues and stiffness in my shoulders have reduced. I see myself more healthy and fresh every morning

  • Sambhavi Nagraj
  • Child Psychologist

Mindfulness has helped me in my personal and professional life to be more tolerant and patient. I feel more empowered now with the knowledge and tools I have learned.

  • Dr.Deeplaxmi
  • Practicing Psychologist

Excellent workshop. Knowing my brain type has amazed me. Understanding how changing a simple thought process can change your life and make you a better and successful person. It gave me an insight into myself

  • Meetali Nerurkar
  • Architect

Joined workshop for self-exploration and to learn more about how to be more Mindful and Emotionally Intelligent. This workshop definitely fulfilled the purpose. I would like to thank Mr. Manish Behl for explaining it so well.

  • Samvedana Agrawal
  • Head HR
Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Learn Easy Mindfulness Practices