Inculcate Values of

Mindfulness in Education

The minds of children are like clay. You can easily mould them into anything that helps build them a better perspective towards life. This is why we believe adding Mindfulness to them right at the learning stage can help them stay calm, improve their memory, and achieve a better direction while staying in the moment.

Another aspect of our program is to train teachers with mindfulness fundamentals. Teachers are the first source of education that children believe in when it comes to learning. A mindful teacher not only is well-balanced to teach but also to help them grow into better people.

Mindfulness Program For Teachers and Educators

This program is aimed to provide teachers with the necessary tools to introduce the values of mindfulness to the children at an early age. The Teacher Training Program provides you with the capability to train young minds to be calmer and stay in the moment. The active mind of children benefits from mindfulness as it keeps them focused on the activities and improves their overall mental abilities. Teachers are the first source of learning for them, this is why we believe that training the teachers is the right way to ensure the benefits of mindfulness reach to every single child.

One-to-One Mindfulness Training and Coaching

Children who are provided with mindfulness training on an individual basis understand and inculcate it in life in a much better way. Just like tuition or coaching, helping them learn mindfulness ensures that they grow into intelligent individuals. Such one-to-one training helps us to understand the psyche of the child and train them accordingly. The training also involves the parents so that the mindfulness environment around the child is preserved. Mindfulness training done at an early stage ensures that no matter what vocation a child picks up, he/she will be successful in it.

Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence Program

Neuroplasticity is a phenomenon of the brain that creates new neural connections daily to help humans adapt and evolve. It is a proven fact that children exhibit the highest brain activity and as a result, they have a higher capability to learn newer things quickly and easily. Such active brain of a child requires positive shaping and guidance that Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence Program can provide. They learn to grow with other children and together become better as an individual and a team player.


Why Choose Us


We have an ensemble of highly-qualified mindfulness and meditation practitioners from various fields with decades of experience.


We promote mindfulness with tailored workshops intended for corporate, universities, schools, and individuals.


MSC hosts multiple events and conferences on topics of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


We publish a variety of scientific-based research and provide keynotes to promote mindfulness for life and work.


We offer a customised approach for training since every individual requires a different way to  adopt mindfulness.


Our team offers the right support to individuals who require self-control, objectivity, flexibility, improve focus, and gain mental clarity.

Become More Mindful

Apart from the courses mentioned above, we can customise a program to suit your and your organisation’s need.