Manish Behl in conversation with Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

Welcome to Mindfulness Conversations – A series of episodes by Manish Behl, Founder: Mindful Science Centre and Mindfulness India Summit sharing his profound knowledge and insights on Mindfulness and Meditation.
In this session with Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar  we discussed about healthy eating habits and ways  to be more mindful during the Coronavirus Lockdown period. We also discussed about the importance of choosing the right food to lower stress and boost immunity. Catch the video here:


In this episode and Webinar done on 25th of May, Manish Behl talks to  Celebrity Master Chef  Ranveer Brar  In their discussion , they elaborate benefits and ways for Healthy Eating and  mindfulness practices to maintain good leadership practices, organisational wellbeing and various ways to build good HR practices and overall well-being during Coronavirus epidemic.


Food and Health in COVID times  :

Learn how to choose food and eating style which can help you Improve your mood, Lower your stress and boost your immunity


Manish Behl – Founder Mindful Science Centre and Mindfulness India Summit               .

Celebrity Chef  – Ranveer Brar

An absolute delight to host Chef Ranveer Brar again after the very interesting and insightful fireside chat during Mindfulness India Summit 2019

In this session, Chef Ranveer Brar and I will discussed the importance of food and health during Covid-19, along with the role of Mindfulness in eating, maintaining well-being.

Enjoy the Mindfulness Conversations series with Manish Behl – Founder: Mindful Science Centre and  Chef Ranveer Brar as they discuss how to enjoy eating during COVID to improve your mood , lower your stress and manage your health with food. 


Manish Behl is India’s leading Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence expert, a TEDx speaker, and Founder of the Mindful Science Centre (MSC) and the Mindfulness India Summit – Asia’s largest summit on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence backed by Neuroscience.

He is a Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence coach,  Neuroscience based Mindfulness educator, mentor and trainer. Founder of Mindfulness India Summit and Mindful Science Centre. Creator of Mindful Leadership Course and 8 Week Mindful Living Program in Mumbai, he offers practical strategies for leadership transformation, increase performance, transform anxiety and negativity into calm and focus. He has over 25 year of leadership experience and his workshops facilitate physical and mental wellbeing and cultivate inner peace.

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