One-Day Programs are comprised of 5 modules:

  • EI Overview and Applicability to Human Dynamics in the Workplace
  • Understanding the relationships between Thinking, Beliefs and Emotions and how they result in Behavior
  • The Practical Applications of Neuroscience Research to Job Performance and Relationship Building
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence (EI) Competencies –Personal Competencies
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence (EI) Competencies –Social Competencies

Benefits from this Program include:

  • A more adaptive and flexible communication style
  • A model for effectively responding to “emotional triggers”
  • Greater resiliency in responding to the daily challenges of the workplace
  • Enhanced abilities in problem-solving and decision-making (moving from reactive to measured response)
  • Increased skills in self and relationship management.

Beyond Mind’s Emotional Intelligence program helps you in identifying yourself and lead you to your goals in life


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