Happiness and stress free require us to be mentally strong in today’s society.We are all carrying a lot of emotional scars, insecurities and struggling with the pressures of day to day life. It is important for us to heal ourselves otherwise we can inflict our biases, frustration and pain onto others. We all have the potential to heal, change and become better. It takes a lot of work but with perseverance and patience we can create better lives and future for ourselves.In order to make the change, become mentally stronger every day and there are a few things one should incorporate in one’s daily agenda.

  1. Eat Nutritious Diet

Fueling one’s cells with the proper energy (healthy food) is vital for being mentally stronger every day. Many of us do not like fruits or vegetables but has one tried every fruit or vegetable? Probably not! There are so many different types of fruits and veggies and they can be prepared in so many different ways. Every fruit and vegetable has its own unique nutritious purpose that it can provide to our bodies. It’s worthwhile to take the effort and find some creative ways to cook or juice them to one’s desired taste. Even if one has a special diet where certain foods or drinks are not included, make sure to find nutrition through other healthy sources. Whole wheat, vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, and legumes are some of the things one could incorporate into one’s diet.

  1. Workout

Release those endorphins. That’s right! Working out is very important to be mentally stronger every day. Pick a fitness activity of one’s choice soccer, hiking, skating, tennis or anything else. Make it fun and include someone as workout partner if one doesn’t want to exercise alone.

  1. Meditate

Yes, its true! We have all heard about meditating a million times by now. Modren Science has proved that through regular practice of mindfulness of brain rebuild new cells. It’s been found to increase grey matter density in a number of different brain regions, including the hippocampus.

Studies show that mindfulness training helps the brain to connect better. What that means for you is that your brain, after meditating, finds it easier to access and process information. Along with that, mindfulness trains your brain to release the information that’s not important, and quickly. So meditating regularly helps you get better at collecting information, processing it quickly, and discarding the stuff you don’t need. As a beginner, one will possibly notice how busy one’s mind is zipping about with to-do lists, ideas, worries and more. With continued practice and over a period of time mind will quiet down.

Meditation is said to improve focus, mental clarity and reduce or eliminate stress and that is how meditation can make one mentally stronger every day. It calms one down and gives peace.

  1. Be grateful and express gratitude

One of the greatest ways to be mentally strong and happy is by starting the day off by being thankful. Say a few word of thanks to the creator, people around you and all the comforts for the simple things in life. Gratitude is not based on religion and one can be thankful for every day.

Waking up everyday gives one a chance to start over and claim the life one desires and deserves. Some days life will deal hard times but in order for one to champion through it, learn the spirit of being thankful for the little things in life that are there and right. It’s like looking at the glass and feeling that it is half full: be optimistic.

Showing gratitude to others is about showing some form of appreciation. For example, it is often suggested to send a thank you card after an interview because as a visual element it sticks a little bit better in the mind than quick fleeting words of thanks. It doesn’t mean that the person expects something in return when they do something, sometimes it just lifts one’s spirits to know one is appreciated. Even a simple handmade card or letter could make a huge impact.

  1. Smile and Show Compassion

A genuine smile is said to be more valuable than the riches of the world.

In life we pass each other and never truly understand the burdens or struggles life is dealing others and ourselves from moment to moment. It helps to smile and show a little compassion towards others, one may need it oneself one day later in life. To be a mentally stronger person every day make smiling, laughter (not at someone else’s expense), joy, and compassion a part of daily life.

  1. TakeResponsibility

Take responsibility for actions, apologize (genuinely) and move on (even if society does not). Being in denial or lying can hold one back from growing stronger mentally every day. It can also destroy relationships with business partners, friends, family, and spouses.

  1. Create a Healthy Environment

In order to be mentally stronger every day one’s environment needs to be a healthy one too. If the environment lacks structure or organization it can affect mental strength. One can become quite overwhelmed when home and bedroom area lacks organization. Create a relaxing environment that makes one happy and stress free. If possible, include plants for healthy filtered air inside home.

  1. Write a Daily Journal

Writing in a daily journal can help you eliminate the stress and worries and helps become mentally stronger every day. It allows to reflect on one’s activities for the day. Including experiences, feelings, concerns or anything other issue can therapeutic and liberating as we let go of our feelings inside. Journals also allow to see one’s development over a period of time as a person and appreciate the journey.

  1. Be a Better Version of Yourself – Know Yourself

It is said ‘Be yourself, for everyone else is taken’. To be mentally stronger, live your life by your own rules and as imitation of others. We are all made different and have different journeys for a reason. The sooner one discovers the gifts and beauty one was created to offer the world, the more beautiful one will be to the world because one will be more confident and happy.

To model one’s life after someone else will be unhealthy as it may create envy and jealousy. There could be constant evaluation which could lead to insecurity. Get to know oneself and become a better version for it will make one mentally stronger every day.

  1. All Devices Off – Before Bed

In today’s society, most of us are glued to phones, computers and other devices and they have become an important part of our life. Try to power them off before going to sleep. Do not keep devices in the bedroom as that is for sleeping. Dont turn bedrooms into office by using laptops in bed and taking business calls from bed at night as well.

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