Mindfulness and Emotional intelligence can help you to deal with stress, career, health, wellbeing, and performance – Manish Behl and Shalini in talk with RJ Archana at Radio City 91.1 Ksa Kai Mumbai

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People consume regular amounts of coffee or tea or other chemical substance or enhancers to make the them lively and mentally active.

In last 10 years, science has changed the way we used to look at the brain. Our recent work and published studies suggest that mindfulness-based brain training can be more positive, effective and permanent than any of these enhancers.

New neuroimaging technology like fMRI has shown that proper mindfulness-based brain training techniques can promote significant changes in brain areas associated with concentration and focus attention.

It was always presumed that extensive training is necessary to attain concentration and best results, but to best of your surprise, the benefits may be possible even without all the hard work.

Neuroscientists studying the effects of these brain training techniques found a substantial improvement in critical intelligence skills and stress levels and these subjects performed much higher in cognitive tests as compared others.

Just a few days of training and only 15 to 20 minutes each day can make a significant change in your level of stress, health, emotion, relations, and performance.

Manish Behl is the founder of “BeyondMind” and Braincloud India. As an ICF Coach, he creates Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence based solutions for individuals and organizations on leadership, performance, resilience, and well-being. With over 25 years of leadership experience in the corporate world, he works on empowerment of professionals, individuals, and corporates through groundbreaking practices of Emotional intelligence, Neuroscience, and Mindfulness. An author who has extensively studied and developed transformational life practices which are life-changing and allows one to see their inner self, invoke positive thinking, augment neurological & transcendent energies and ability to connect with hyper-intelligence.

Mindful Science Centre is where he and his team expedite the birth of new mindsets and engaging behaviors at all levels of the organization. His purpose is to empower people to expand social-emotional competencies leading to better relationships thus ensuring successful performance and joyful life.

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