Welcome to Mindful Moments – A series of episodes by Mr. Manish Behl, Founder: Mindful Science Centre and Mindfulness India Summit sharing his profound knowledge and insights on Mindfulness and Meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation is an art transformation through relaxing the body and mind, improving well being , increasing performance and mental abilities.

Mindfulness Meditation encourages  a deepening of consciousness or awareness, and also facilitates a deeper understanding of self and others.

At Mindful Science Centre we teach mindfulness Meditation which is now a mainstream practice in all leading organisations worldwide, millions of professional are practicing these tools on a regular basis.

Numerous studies have shown meditation to have significant effects on various affective and cognitive processes, many still view meditation as a technique primarily intended for relaxation and stress reduction.

While mindfulness does seem to reduce stress and to induce a relaxing state of mind, it can also have significant effects on how people perceive and process the world around them and alter the way they regulate attention and emotion

Explore how to Meditate by Manish Behl – Founder of Mindfulness India Summit www.mindfulnessindiasummit.com and Mindful Science Centre.

Manish Behl is India’s leading Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence expert, a TEDx speaker, and Founder of the Mindful Science Centre (MSC) and the Mindfulness India Summit – Asia’s largest summit on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence backed by Neuroscience.

Manish Behl is Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence coach,  Neuroscience based Mindfulness educator, mentor and trainer. Founder of Mindfulness India Summit and Mindful Science Centre. Creator of Mindful Leadership Course and 8 Week Mindful Living Program in Mumbai. He offers practical strategies for leadership transformation, increase performance, transform anxiety and negativity into calm and focus. He has over 25 year of leadership experience and his workshops facilitate physical and mental wellbeing and cultivate inner peace.


Mindfulness based Training and Coaching

https://www.mindfulsciencecentre.comMindful Science Centre is mindfulness and emotional intelligence based  training and learning centre providing leadership and performance solutions for corporates and organizations. Mindful Science Centre applies practices based on self-awareness and social emotional intelligence that cultivate leadership qualities such as attention, resilience, focus, empathy, compassion, communication and clarity. Well-designed Mindfulness training programs and one-on-one coaching sessions support individuals and organizations to develop a positive outlook, decision-making, agility, creativity, concentration, sustainability, mental and physical well-being through mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence practices. Contact Mindful Science Centre to learn more about how to become Successful leader Web: www.mindfulsciencecentre.com. Mail: info@mindfulsciencecentre.com

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